Walk with Me


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On August 9, 2016, Penn Bryce completed preparations for a studio recording project, to begin the next day. The following morning, on bicycle, he was struck by an SUV. Physically, the damage was overwhelming. Among other things, he could not hold a guitar for months, let alone play.

Rather than abandon the recording project, Bryce transformed it. Convalescing in bed, he recorded there. In the new context, lyrics accrued new meaning or were revised to fit the new context. Trauma reduces a life to its simplest element, existence. Accordingly, the music reduced to its barest elements in recording.

For most of human history, music only existed in its performance. Early sound recordings were entirely captured performance. Only with the development of magnetic tape could could musicians use editing and multi-track recording as expressive tools, distancing musical product from musical performance.

Bryce’s project serves to remind of the centrality of performance in a musician’s art. Each track is a complete performance. Some tracks remain entirely as performed. Tape echo was used in recording, not after. This is how musicians make music: they hold an instrument, play it, and sing.

-Bill Foreman


released May 2, 2019

Walk With Me

recorded & mixed at home 2017-2018
mastered by Benjamin Price at studilaroche, ATL
copyright 2019 studilaroche productions

cover art/portrait: André Paraguassu
photography: Brock Scott
liner notes: Bill Foreman

Mary LaRoche, Stella LaRoche, Julian Grey, Thelonious Ingram, Babs, Ricky Keller, Mark Harper, Mignon Simson, André Paraguassu, Kim Madsen, John Gregg, Chris Stalcup, Keith Leslie, Brock Scott, Ben/@simplepartial, Hypnic Jerk Tapes, Jody Hasty, John Searson, Bill Foreman, Libba Parsley, Dr. Moore, Mom, Dad, Andy Price, Mary Ellen & Betsey, Andy Ditzler, Bret Hartley, Jared Pepper, David McClatchey, Dan Bailey, Dr. Michael, Ali Akbar Khan, Amir Perlman, Grateful Dead, Harry, Henry Parsley, Grady Hospital, Kenny, LaDonna, Todd Reese, Christian Shepard, Chris Yonker, David Gray, Chris Childs, Peter Webb, Nurse Macintosh, Ben Shirley, Maria, Jeff Holt, Casey Hood, Bob Furlong, Spencer J Greggo, Daniel Clay, Emma Gies, the Earl, Mammal Gallery, Broad Street Visitors Center, 529, the Grange, Lincoln Metcalf, Faun and a Pan Flute, Hello Ocho, Little Tybee, Parsons Rocket Project, Chase56, Chew, Bhagavad Gita, Swami Sivananda. equipment utilized: goya guitar, space echo re201, 520SL, 414, 57, fathead, telecaster, ps3, fifty112, duet, bed.


all rights reserved



PENN BRYCE Atlanta, Georgia

I love the way you wear your trees.

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Track Name: Being There
[instrumental music plays]
Track Name: Sleepy
messing around without being out bent
emptying out my fears
doing in cases, things I’ve been wasting
wasted round all these years

wait that’s too easy, I take it all back
when you discover this inchoate mass

diving in deep deep, past all the meanest
deepest me you’ll know
skirting on guidelines, believing in side-lines
pan and scan and do lots of blow

wait that’s too heavy, I take it all back
when you discover this senseless attack

be disengaging, words are parlaying
the tenderest of things to know
calling on bullshit, pretending it’s not hip
hippest of the hip you know

wait I’m a cynic, a miss and a comfit
dress me in wisdom and help me get well lit

oh, what do we know
in most ways, we’ll never know

I don’t want to go, go to sleep tonight
I don’t want to know, know a way or why
Track Name: Blind
i am blind, are you
wrack with ruin
i don’t mind

i’m in a quitting mood
commonplace attitude
don’t tell me that I’m not insane
help me walk right out of here
hold my hand it will be so dear
when I needed you so near me one more time

I don’t mind, desperate you
wrack with ruin
I don’t mind

Imagine-ate behind,
tell me when you think it’s time
a newfound state of perfect being
let me hope there’s something true
la-di-da get right back with you
time to lose insouscience
and spread my wings and
fly with you:
do you trust me to
will you want me to

oh, I am blind
are you, wrack with ruin
I don’t mind
Track Name: Santa Cruz
[instrumental music plays]
Track Name: Yen
there’s no love here

je te veux, mais tu ne me veut pas
envisager moi
stay by my side, I swear I’ll be alright
and I’ll make it home to you tonight

am I blue?
mais oui, but you know too
better you than me

ha ha ha
Track Name: Baby Steps
taking baby steps
will I say one thing?
Track Name: Bob Furlong
You know more than anybody
I know more than anybody
will ever know, baby
who knows, thoughts inside another
human, dream our dreams together
whoa baby, please baby

In the Dream all along you were there all alone
you offer your hand “Won’t you please come along?”
Belong, don’t be-long

You hold everything together
two-fold, space inside an atom
hold me, my baby but
loose though, enough to breathe a little
control is what’s after losing
candor and peace all around

In the Dream all along you were there all alone
Instead of your hand you offer your swan song
Belong, don’t be-long

Tell me what we’re fighting after
sell me for now and ever-after
held in perpetuity-
tea time oh gather round companions
please God last a littler longer
love for all to see

In the Dream all along you were there all alone
You offer your hand “Won’t you please come along?”
Belong, don’t be-long
Track Name: Save Us!
I ain’t saying what you don’t already know
All the pundits they are saying “Let it go”
But for me I can’t deny my cover’s blown
I ain’t saying what you don’t already know
I say won’t you save, I say won’t you save us
Through time and decay
Where the women
No obligation to stay
Track Name: Enemy
My mind has turned you into an enemy
You’re the one who still seems to be loving me
I remember the time though I can’t be sure
A happier mind, you know that star-kissed one

I can’t make out the truth that was surrounding me
Raised by wolves or mother influence runs deep
I swear I didn’t overthink the simple things
I swear I was more stable while still digging deep

Left and right and center mean nothing to me
I just keep on slipping down beneath the lowest me
Was it always this way I have no standing now
It’s reductive, full of cliché, expired now

Like the clownfish tries to avoid sea anemone
I’m circling round the drain incomprehensibility
With twenty of the closest friends you’ll ever have
One by one they disappear, isn’t that a drag

Bring it on I’ll take it, wait god damn I’m wrong
The weight is fifty times more heavy than they had let on
Don’t buckle now they’ll point and laugh they’ll prove you wrong
Cast into the lower class to be pissed upon

My mind has turned you into an enemy
Flush with riches sell-out season becomes me
Ethics without God is rotten so you say
But you know truth is rotten too it’s all the same
Track Name: Bardo
[instrumental music plays]

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